by Jeff, Rhonda and Beth

Robert Hey, better known as "Bob", established Bob's Barber Shop in 1960.  A short time later the name was changed to Bob's Hair Barn.  Bob Hey (married Donna Hey) owned and operated Bob's Hair Barn until he passed in 1985.  The Hey children, Jeff, Beth and Rhonda, began working at Bob's Hair Barn in 1980, 1982 and 1985 respectively.  
By 1989, under Bob's wife, Donna, the decision was made to change the barbershop/salon name to HAIR BARN CLASSICS.  In 1992 the Hey children bought HAIR BARN CLASSICS from their mother and have run the business ever since.

HAIR BARN CLASSICS takes great pride in their reputation for providing excellent service to all customers combined with their knowledgeable stylists and welcoming, comfortable family atmosphere.  Many clients have grown up with the shop where they got their first haircut and now bring their children to receive the same great service they experienced at a young age.

With the family atmosphere being one of the many attractions to this shop, other draws are the unmatched barbering skills along with the creativity and experience of all the hair stylists.

HAIR BARN CLASSICS thanks you for your support and appreciation of our family owned business!  It has been our pleasure to serve you over the last 50+ years!


To offer excellence in various hair care services from experienced and knowledgeable barbers and hair stylists in a family friendly atmosphere where integrity in service is unmatched.

Hair Barn Classics - 6510 Bluffton Road - Fort Wayne, IN  46809 - (260) 747-2579 

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